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Indoor Registration and Information to be available July 1!

Photo's HOW TO!

1. Look for team time - know your coach/team and age group level. Example: Tyker C - Schuler

2. Download Order form and PRINT (they will also have some on-site)

3. Arrive earlier than your allotted time, to get your little one ready! Most kids wear their full gear (no helmet), get your individual photo taken and then your team photo.


  • Checks made payable to: CPJ Images
  • Pre-pay with paypal to
  • Charge (on-site)
  • Cash

We are working on another date for those than cannot make individual photo's on May 4th.


Use the "Programs" tab at the top of the page to find out more information about your child age and what their age level is all about.

PH Lacrosse CLUB - Tyker 2018

Perry Hall Boys Lacrosse

The Perry Hall Boys Youth Lacrosse program will provide all boys with the opportunity to learn fundamental lacrosse skills, improve current lacrosse skills, learn the rules of lacrosse, and learn to play with good sportsmanship.  

We will also provide an environment that will empower each boy to excel in the program, and, foremost, have fun.

Our program is a FULL PAD program. All participants are required to have a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, stick, protective cup, and mouthguard. Helmets, shoulder pads, and elbow pads can be borrowed from the program with a deposit check. Uniforms are an additional cost.

Our age groups are based on a September 1 - August 31 format. Please check out our programs page for your age group.



AJ Cimaszewski Perry Hall Boys Lacrosse

Perry Hall Recreation Council, Baltimore County Parks and Recreation