Perry Hall Equipment Policy

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Starting in the Spring of 2021 our program will require players in the second grade or older to provide their own helmets and pads. The cost, liability, and management of lending equipment has made it too difficult to continue. If you have pads that were loaned to you in the past you are welcome to continue using them until they no longer fit and can return them to the program at that time.

The program will continue to offer loaner helmets, shoulder pads, and elbow pads to players Pre-K through 1st grade. Clinic players will need to provide their own Stick, Gloves, Mouthguard and Protective Cup.

Lacrosse is an expensive first year sport and we want to do what we can to make lacrosse accessible to all kids and continue to growing the game. Lacrosse is the fastest growing youth sport in the US adding an average of 20,000 players each year.

Some things we can offer are:

  • Affordable pricing on equipment and bundle options
  • Payment plans for registration and equipment purchases
  • Special consideration with players experiencing financial hardship.
Click Here for the US Lacrosse Equipment Guide

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